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You waltzed through the bookshelves of the library that you found while in your vacation in London.  You've always enjoyed books and seeing a large selection like this made your heart flutter.  There seemed to be every book imaginable here!

You walked over to the (favorite type of genre) section and searched for your favorite book.  It didn't take you too long to find it though.  When you went to go take the book off of the shelf, it wouldn't budge.  'How odd...', you though and tried again.  Alright, this book did not want to move.  This began to frustrate you.  You put your foot against the shelf and pulled with all of your might.

"Why in the bloody hell won't this book move?!", a voice yelled from the other side.  You let go of the book and it flew to the other aisle in the hands of a Brit.  He hit his head on the shelf behind him and fell to the floor.  He had shaggy blond hair and rather large eyebrows.

He rubbed the back of his head muttering curses under his breath.  "A-are you okay?", you asked through the hole of where the book was.  The man looked up.  He seemed a bit annoyed.  "I'm assuming you were the reason this book wasn't moving."  You removed a few more books to make a hole big enough for your face.  "Yeah...", you said sheepishly.  He expression changed a bit when he saw your face.  His eyes widened and he raised his eyebrows.  He got up and coughed nervously.  "Here, you can have it", he said and held it up to the hole for you to take.  "N-no, you take it.  I feel bad for making you hit your head!", you said.

"No, I insist you take it."

"It's okay really!  You can have it!"

"Miss, please take the book."

"You keep it!  It's fine!"

He sighed.  "You shouldn't feel bad for making me hit my head.  It was only an accident." He held out the book again.  "Here."  You took the book timidly.


"No problem love."

There was a bit of a pause until you spoke up.  "So, you like this book?", you asked.  The man nodded.  "I find it very intriguing."  You smiled.  He seemed really nice.

"My name is _____."

"Nice to meet you _____.  I'm Arthur Kirkland."

He held out his hand for you to shake.  It was a bit awkward doing it over a shelf but you still shook his hand.  "How about we do this somewhere that's more comfortable.", Arthur suggested.  You nodded and the both of you walked to the end of the aisles.

The two of you walked around the library and talked about all of the books you liked and the conversation lead to other topics.  You found Arthur to be quite charming and really enjoyed his company.  The two of you were shushed a few times by the librarian but it didn't matter, you were having a really good time.

The two of you didn't stop talking until it was about time for the library to close.  "So will I see you again?", you asked after you checked out the book.  Arthur seemed to look thoughtful for a minuet.  "How about we meet here at 2:00.  Does that sound okay?"  You nodded and said ,"Sounds like a plan."

~~~time skip brought to you by scones~~~

For the next few days, you and Arthur Kirkland met at the library at exactly 2:00 every time.  Each time, you got to know him more and more and he also got to know you better.  But one day after you were wrapping up another meeting with him he said ,"Tomorrow, meet me here at 5.  I have a pleasant surprise for you."  Your (eye color) eyes widened and you nodded.  "Okay Arthur."  You hugged him goodbye and went home.  When you got home, you told your friend who came to London with you all about Arthur and how you felt about him.

( now choose the number one or two at random )

*read this if you picked one*

You arrived at the library at 5:00 exactly and there was Arthur waiting for you with a soft smile on his face.  "So, what's your surprise for me?", you asked excitedly.  "Come with me", he said and held out his arm to escort you.  He took you to a restaurant which was really fancy and beautiful.  You both ate and he paid for it and by the time you were out of there, it was about sunset.  It was one of the few good days in London and the sky looked stunning.  He took you to a park where you both could watch it in peace.

"This is beautiful Arthur.  Thank you."

"You're welcome love.", he said and looked at you.  His green eyes looked into your (eye color) ones and your lips met.

*read this if you picked two*

You arrived at the library at 5:00 and waited for Arthur.  You waited for a good 30 minuets until you got a call from your friend.


"Yeah it's me.  Arthur didn't show up! Why isn't he here?"

"I think I can answer that."

"Well where is he?"

"_____, I don't know how I can tell you this but, that Arthur Kirkland guy you talked about was struck and killed by a speeding car.  I'm so sorry..."

You dropped the phone and fell to your knees and started to sob uncontrollably.
I didn't know how to end this so I put both endings that came to mind ;A;

The only reason I used England's human name is because it'd be kinda weird to say "hey I'm the country england, wanna be pals?" so I just used Arthur Kirkland. ._.

Contest entry



100 views in an hour?!!!!!! What in the crapola happened here?! :iconyayromanoplz:
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123fannilupe123 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Ending 2 : W T F ??
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*reads 1* Awwwww......
*reads 2* IGGY!!!!!!WHY?!?!?!
YasminKirkland1031 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
WTF?!?!?! I read 1 then decided to read 2. 1 is better.
Fisheh-Kitty Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
This is beautiful.

I read two first then one xDDD
Kinky-Kirara Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
*picks 12*
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Just my luck I would pick 2
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So glad I picked one...
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hey um you should really clean underneath your bed it's filthy down here.

ps i love you.

HetaliaMoldova Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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(Please pick one or two randomly)
Me:TWO!!... Why though?? -3-
(Reads, stops halfway at where he died)
Me:..Bump dis. One!!
(Reads it)
Me:.... Okay let's read two for fun! :D
(reads two)
Me:..... I hate two T^T
(Goes back to one)
Me:.. ^_^ HAHAHAHA no.
I'm sooo conflicted! Now I don't know if he should just get hit by the carrr!!!!
Hmm, let's do a random count! 1 or 2! Random choices!
3! XD
How about 3! Where we stay in the friends after I mercilessly do something worse than friendzone: Familyzone him! XD
(Reads it again)
Me: Yeah, let's do 3: Familyzoned like. A. Baus! XD
(Reads it. Again!)
Mom:(from afar) SHUT UP I'M TRYIN'A SLEEP!
HetaliaMoldova Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD lololol
Shiro7163 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
lol seriously how'd you get it sooo accurate? XD I mean minus the "OMG NOO HE GOT HIT BY A CAR noooooo" Part XD Lol cause Arthur's too awesome to die. XD
HetaliaMoldova Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I believe you are thinking of Prussia XD
Shiro7163 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol maybeh I am XD
But Arthur is awesome too! :D Minuusss the cooking. XD
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